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The Rules

The Completion Challenge-Plus for The Sims 4
Original Sims 3 Challenge By Robin Schatz
Updated For The Sims 4  By Jenn “Toots” Massey

The main goal of this challenge is to experience all of the different aspects of the game.  Hopefully, it will encourage you to explore parts of the game you don’t normally play with and help prevent boredom.  This challenge is designed to be open to any play style.  You can play one house only over many generations (legacy style) or you can move out children into their own houses and play in a rotational style.

Getting Started

You can start the challenge in three ways, depending if you want it to be a long challenge or an even longer challenge.

Option 1: Create a single sim to be your founder.  You can make your sim any way you like, with any traits you’d like.  Move him or her into any lot in the game.  I suggest starting with a very large empty lot and seeing all that you build up over time, but if you’d rather purchase a prebuilt house, you can.  Moving during the challenge is allowed if you want.  If your hood becomes broken during the challenge, you can pick an Heir and start over in a new game.

Option 2: Create a couple, skip the pesky hassle of finding a mate for your founder sim and get right into the baby making of the challenge! Again make them however you like, any traits or aspiration you chose.I advise giving them both very different traits from each other. That way you can complete the tasks faster.

Option 3: Roll a dice and whatever the number is that is how many couples/single sims you will start with your “save” file. Say you roll 6, you can start with 6 couples, or 3 couples and 3 singles, or however you chose to start. However, all of your starter sims need to be young adult or older. So you could start with a husband and wife, and an Elder mother with her adult son who lives in the basement, or an Adult Father and his young adult daughter. The first Generation needs to start at least young adults, nothing younger.
During the course of the challenge, you are not allowed to use any money, mood, or relationship cheats.  Cheats to fix bugs are allowed.  Mods that fix known bugs in the game are allowed. (I suggest the MC Command Center Mod, it has a fix for pretty much everything.) If you have issues with steps of an Aspiration completing you can use a cheat to advance if you know for sure you have completed the step. Such as the party animal aspiration, some of the social event and parties will not count toward the total.
Your goal in this challenge is to have a sim complete all of the challenge tasks listed below.  This will require generations and generations of sims to complete.  You can count the task as completed if it is accomplished by any sim under your control.  You can complete the tasks in any order you wish.  

You MUST accomplish the original aspiration of all sims you are controlling.  If they die before you accomplish their aspiration, you cannot count any tasks that they completed.  You may move in any sims you wish, but you must try for the Aspiration of those sims. You must limit each sim to one aspiration. Traits and aspirations for children born in the game should be randomly generated. I suggest using this website it will help with the randomness of your sims. Your sim can have as many children as you’d like.  I like to roll a dice at the beginning of the Generation to determine how many pregnancies will take place in that household. If I get a one I roll again and add it to one.  How you choose your hier is up to you, I personally like to use The Official Legacy Challenge Succession Laws for each household. Those laws can be found at

Children of your sim can stay in the house and be fully played and count towards points, they can move out into their own house and become a playable house, or they can be moved out into the world and become uncontrollable.  If you move a sim out to become uncontrollable and if you have already accomplished the aspiration of that sim, you can keep the tasks they accomplished as completed.  However, if you move a sim out to become uncontrollable before accomplishing their aspiration, you cannot count any tasks they accomplished.
The goal is to check off every task listed.  To keep track of your progress you can give yourself one point for each task you complete.  If you do not have all expansion packs, just go for the tasks that relate to the expansion packs you do have.  If a new expansion pack comes out, you can add any new traits, skills, careers, and Aspiration to the list of points. If you’d like to see a list of tasks by an expansion pack, they are color coded by EP in the available Excel scorecard. (Coming Soon)

I have created a discord channel if you have questions or would like to share your progress.

Each Sim Can only achieve one Aspiration - And it has to be Achieved in order to get credit for all other tasks.

  1. Animal
  2. Friend of the Animals
  3. Athletic
  4. Bodybuilder
  5. Creativity
  6. Painter Extraordinaire
  7. Bestselling Author
  8. Musical Genius    
  9. Deviance
  10. Public Enemy
  11. Chief of Mischief
  12. Family
  13. Super Parent
  14. Successful Lineage
  15. Big Happy Family
  16. Vampire Family
  17. Food
  18. Master Chef
  19. Master Mixologist
  20. Fortune
  21. Fabulously Wealthy
  22. Mansion Baron
  23. Knowledge
  24. Master Vampire
  25. Renaissance Sim
  26. Computer Whiz
  27. Nerd Brain
  28. Location
  29. City Native
  30. Love
  31. Serial Romantic
  32. Soulmate
  33. Nature
  34. Outdoor Enthusiast
  35. Freelance Botanist
  36. Angling Ace
  37. The Curator
  38. Popularity
  39. Leader of the Pack
  40. Joke Star
  41. Friend of the World
  42. Party Animal
  43. Good Vampire

Aspirations - Child

  1. Artistic Prodigy
  2. Rambunctious Scamp
  3. Social Butterfly
  4. Whiz Kid

Traits - Teen/Adult

  1. Active
  2. Cheerful
  3. Creative
  4. Genius
  5. Gloomy
  6. Goofball
  7. Hot-Headed
  8. Romantic
  9. Self-Assured
  10. Unflirty
  11. Art Lover
  12. Bookworm
  13. Foodie
  14. Geek
  15. Music Lover
  16. Perfectionist
  17. Ambitious
  18. Cat Lover
  19. Childish
  20. Clumsy
  21. Dance Machine
  22. Dog Lover
  23. Glutton
  24. Insane
  25. Kleptomaniac
  26. Lazy
  27. Loves Outdoors
  28. Materialistic
  29. Neat
  30. Slob
  31. Snob
  32. Squeamish
  33. Vegetarian
  34. Bro
  35. Evil
  36. Family-Oriented
  37. Good
  38. Hates Children
  39. Insider
  40. Jealous
  41. Loner
  42. Mean
  43. Noncommittal
  44. Outgoing

Trait - Toddler

  1. Angelic
  2. Charmer
  3. Clingy
  4. Fussy
  5. Independent
  6. Inquisitive
  7. Silly
  8. Wild (You can reroll if you wish for this one, it can sometimes glitch your sims.)

Trait - Lot (You can use the generator to change the lot traits each generation, or each family/household can have a different set of lot traits.)

  1. Bracing Breeze
  2. Chef’s Kitchen
  3. Child's Play
  4. Convivial
  5. Cursed
  6. Fast Internet
  7. Filthy
  8. Gnomes
  9. Good Schools
  10. Great Acoustics
  11. Great Soil
  12. Gremlins
  13. Grody
  14. Haunted
  15. Home Studio
  16. Mean Vibe
  17. Homey
  18. Natural Light
  19. On Ley Line
  20. Party Place
  21. Penny Pixies
  22. Private Dwelling
  23. Quake Zone
  24. Romantic Aura
  25. Science lair
  26. Sunny Aspect
  27. On a Dark Key Line
  28. Registered Vampire Lair
  29. Vampire Nexus
  30. Training Spot
  31. Cat/ Dog-Friendly
  32. Dog Spot
  33. Cat Spot

Trait - Cats

  1. Affectionate
  2. Aloof
  3. Clever
  4. Curious
  5. Fluffly
  6. Free Spirit
  7. Friendly
  8. Fristy
  9. Glutton
  10. Lazy
  11. Mischievous
  12. Playful
  13. Prowler
  14. Skittish
  15. Spoiled
  16. Talkative
  17. Territorial

Trait - Dogs

  1. Active
  2. Adventurous
  3. Aggressive
  4. Couch Potato
  5. Friendly
  6. Glutton
  7. Hairy
  8. Hunter
  9. Independent
  10. Jumpy
  11. Loyal
  12. Playful
  13. Sleuth
  14. Smart
  15. Stubborn
  16. Troublemaker
  17. Vocal


  1. Astronaut
  2. Space Ranger
  3. Interstellar Smuggler
  4. Athlete
  5. Professional Athlete
  6. Bodybuilder
  7. Business
  8. Management
  9. Investor
  10. Criminal
  11. Boss
  12. Oracle
  13. Critic
  14. Arts Critic
  15. Food Critic
  16. Culinary
  17. Chef
  18. Mixologist
  19. Entertainer
  20. Musician
  21. Comedian
  22. Painter
  23. Master of the Real
  24. Patron of the Arts
  25. Politician
  26. Politician
  27. Charity Organizer
  28. Secret Agent
  29. Diamond agent
  30. Villain
  31. Social Media
  32. Internet Personality
  33. Public Relations
  34. Tech Guru
  35. eSports Gamer
  36. Start-up Entrepreneur
  37. Writer
  38. Author
  39. Journalist


  1. Detective
  2. Doctor
  3. Scientist
  4. Veterinarian


  1. Baking - (Get to Work)
  2. Charisma
  3. Comedy
  4. Cooking
  5. Gourmet Cooking
  6. Dancing - (Get Together)
  7. DJ Mixing Skill - Get Together
  8. Fishing
  9. Fitness
  10. Gardening
  11. Guitar
  12. Handiness
  13. Wood Working
  14. Herbalism
  15. Logic Skill
  16. Mischief
  17. Mixology
  18. Painting
  19. Parenting
  20. Photography - (Get to Work)
  21. Piano
  22. Programming
  23. Rocket Science
  24. Singing - (City Living)
  25. Video Gaming
  26. Violin
  27. Wellness - (Spa Day)
  28. Writing


  1. Frogs (25)
  2. Gardening (32)
  3. MySims Trophies (20)
  4. Metals (20)
  5. Crystals (20)
  6. Elements (15)
  7. Postcards (14)
  8. Fossils (15)
  9. Microscope Prints (12)
  10. Space Prints (15)
  11. Aliens: (10)
  12. Space Rocks (4)
  13. Insects (21)
  14. Geodes (6)
  15. Decorative Eggs (10)*
  16. Experimental Food Photos (20)
  17. Sugar Skulls (Day of the Dead Challenge 9)
  18. City Posters (15)
  19. Snow Globes (15)
  20. Holiday Cracker Plushies (8)
  21. Magic Beans (PlantSim Challenge) (6)
  22. Feathers (15)

Occult- Death

  1. Have a Vampire Stay Alive for 10 generations
  2. Have an Alien Heir
  3. Have a sim die from ever death type in the game.


Player Feats
  1. Aliens Among Us -- Discover 10 aliens in disguise.
  2. Alphabet Legacy Play a household for 26 generations or more.
  3. Carried Away- Have Sims be abducted by aliens 3 times.
  4. Event Horizon
  5. Earn a Silver rating on 5 different social events.
  6. Full House -- Play with an eight Sim household
  7. Ghost Family - Have a family of playable ghosts
  8. Ghostly Have a ghost in your household.
  9. Honorary SimGuru Play the Sims 4 for 100 hours.
  10. Host With the Most, Host 50 bronze or better Social Events across all Sims.
  11. In the Game -- Play the Sims 4 for 5 hours.
  12. Knock Knock -- Visit 25 different Lots
  13. Legacy Leader Have ten households in the world that have been played for 10 generations or more.
  14. Legacy Player Play a household for ten generations or more.
  15. Legendary Legacy Play a household for 100 Generations or more.
  16. Simstagram Influencer Gain 250 Simstagram follower
  17. Simstagram Celebrity Gain 1500 Simstagram followers
  18. Simstagram Starter Gain 25 Simstagram followers.
  19. The Main Event Earn a Gold rating on 5 different social events
  20. Vengeful Deity -- Kill of 10 of your Sims via unnatural causes
  21. Whimsical Complete 100 Whims across all Sims


50-Mile-High Club - Successfully Woohoo in a Rocketship
Hello, Darkness, My Old Chum - Have a Sim befriend the Grim Reaper
Serial Monogamist -  Perform Marriages in 20 Unique Households
Speed Dating Have a sim “first kiss: three times at a single Social event
Super Best Friends -- Make 20 BFF’s with Non-Player Sims
Woohoo -- Woohoo with 50 Unique Non-Player Sims

Sim Feats

  1. All Nighter  Have a sim stay awake for 24 straight sims hours
  2. Basketcase Have a Sim get in and out of all primary emotional states within 24 sim hours
  3. Black Widow Have a Sim outlive five spouses
  4. Channel Surfer Have a sim listen to all radio stations and watch all TV channels available in the Sims 4 Base Game.
  5. Have an Alien in Disguise marry a Sim without them knowing their secret.
  6. Introvert Have a sim do nothing social for 24 sim hours.
  7. My, You’ve Changed Have a sim become both max thin and fat within a lifetime.
  8. Have a sim age up.
  9. On a Whim Have a sim complete 10 whims at a single social event.
  10. Overachiever Have a sim complete 5 Aspirations.
  11. Perfect Llama, Have a sim bowl a perfect game of all strikes on the Bowling Lane.
  12. Tastes Like Burning Have a Sim consume every type of toxic plant.
  13. The Circle of Life Play a sim from birth to natural death.
  14. The Most Interesting Sim in the World Have a Sim with 12 or more Traits.
  15. Triple Play Have a sim give birth to triplets
  16. Very Special Delivery -- Have a male sim give birth to an Alien Baby
  17. What Would it be like: Woohoo with a ghost.

Skills & Crafting

  1. I'm the Mix Master-- Mix 100 Drinks
  2. Unlock a new plant type through grafting.
  3. Reach Max Level of Every skill in the Sims 4

Wealth & Collecting

  1. Rosebud Gain 1,000,000 Simoleons in a single Household
  2. Harvested Interest Harvest from 50 wild plants.
  3. Complete All collections from the base game.

Boredom Breaker

This is purely optional part of the challenge. You can either use the link below and copy and paste the list into the random picker, or you can write/print them all out and cut them up and put them in a little jar, or other containers.

Note: You should wait to use these boredom breakers for the 2nd Generation.

You will randomly choose 1 items when a sim ages up to YA, and then 1 when they age up to Adult, then 1 when they age up to an elder.

Some of these items have been borrowed from a list of a Sims 2 challenge called the Family Feud Challenge. Here

  1. Get divorced and have one sim move out. (MCCC allows child support)
  2. Bankruptcy, delete all but $200
  3. Have the biggest house fire that you can manage.
  4. Flu - no school/work for 3 days (exception children at risk of SW visit)
  5. Move in a townie kid or teen (move them through the manage household UI)
  6. Sim has an affair (flip a coin to see which spouse cheats.)
  7. Unemployment, everyone loses their job (Elders may retire)
  8. Sell all furniture (major repo) (Then delete the funds you get from selling it all.) (Testingcheats on, then type Money 200 or whatever amount is left after deducting the sale of the furniture, you can keep toilets/showers/stoves)
  9. Move to a new house.
  10. Hands off for one sim day Don't control any sim in your house, even if a child gets taken.
  11. Redecorate a room in your house based on a theme (extreme all rooms)
  12. Midlife Crisis, blow all money on entertainment, eating out, or expensive objects.
  13. Have a party. Try to have one from each different levels.
  14. Adopt an infant every day for 5 days in a row. (move sims out if needed) (Extreme: 7 days)
  15. Have twins or adopt two infants. Have at least three nanny's on the lot at all time to care for babies. Avoid having playable sims care for babies. If they auto care for babies without any intervention on your part, that's OK. The goal is to try to keep them from caring for the babies. Duration: 1 week.
  16. Kill a sim by drowning and keep the tombstone on the lot for 1-2 weeks.
  17. Drama Sim: Pick a sim in the house to be enemies with all other sims in the house.
  18. Married sim: Move in a townie to be one of the spouses future girlfriend or boyfriend.
  19. GOSSIP: Have adult sim have affair in front of one of their kids or other sim but not the spouse.
  20. TEEN: Go steady with another teen. Then cheat on that sim in a way that you're caught.
  21. BAD DAY: Visit a community lot and pick a fight with everyone you can.
  22. Have a pool party. Throw a regular party and ask everyone who comes to join you in the pool.
  23. Kill a sim with a cow plant.
  24. Chose to draw for a Mega Disaster.
  25. Third time’s a charm- Have your heir get married 3 times, the next generation heir has to come from the 3rd spouse.
  26. Kill off Both Parents let the kids get taken by the SW (you can set up in MCCC to be able to adopt children that have been taken way)
  27. Kill off Both Parents the day after the oldest child becomes a teen.
  28. Have a no spare generation. Meaning you can have only one child.
  29. Have 10 children in this generation. If you don’t you must have 10 in the next generation. If you are drawing for an elder you may redraw.
  30. Have a sim have two lovers in the same house, at the same time, and have a child with each.
  31. Have sim create at least 6 clones of their spouse, and have woohoo with each of them.
  32. Have a sim create a clone of their “crush” and marry the clone instead of the crush.

Mega Disasters

1. EARTHQUAKE HITS: You lose half your house and half your stuff. Draw an imaginary line down the middle of the house. The part of the structure without the kitchen is destroyed. In three days, aftershocks hit. Pick one room to survive and everything else goes. [Extreme: you lose it all.... tear down the house and sell all belonging... all career and aspiration rewards too]

2. FIRE HITS: You lose everything on the lot. The house and all your stuff. Insurance drags their feet. They don't address your claim for at least a week. Lucky for you, your neighbors come to your aid and give you a fridge, one of each of the lowest cost item - folding chair, bed, recliner, toilet, and sink. They give you one weird extreme item such as a bubble blower, DJ booth, flamingo, or any item you next to NEVER put into your game. Its an item that makes you scratch your head wondering WHY the neighbors gave you that item. [extreme: one sim dies from fire]

3. HURRICANE HITS: Everything is destroyed on your lot. Since your neighbors lost everything too, there is no local aid to help you out. Your forced to wait for FEMA or loot the neighborhood stores. Purchase any 8 items you want from any OFB shop or buy mode. FEMA arrives in one week and you can add 20,000 to rebuild.
4. FLOOD HITS: Delete everything on the first floor and outside. The floors and inside walls are messed up and may need replacing. All items outside were washed away. A few items have washed up, or were donated to you. Buy any three cheap items in this list: Mini fridge, outside cheap BBQ grill, cheap single bed, cheap recliner, cheap toilet, cheap sink, cheapest shower or tub, gnome, or lamp/light.

5. TSUNAMI HITS Lucky for you, you're not beach front property. You're inland a few miles. Unlucky for you, the water level is two stories high and you lose everything you own on the first two levels of your house and outside. Floors and walls may need to be replaced. If you had a car, it was washed away. FEMA must be on vacation because NO one sees them. You're forced to risk starvation or loot the town. You head to a community lot. You have to fight for your items. Each fight you win with another sim you get to use the cheat kaching. You can only be in 4 fights a day for one week only.

6. TORNADO Hits: The house you are on is lost, the other lots are based on a coin toss or dice roll. Make a list of all of your playable lots. Get a dice or flip a coin. If you roll even number (or heads) the house is safe. If you roll odd number (or tails) the house is hit by a tornado. Each lot that is hit by the tornado will lose the full structure. They are able to sift through the rubble and save any 10 items. [Extreme: 5 items]

7. Gas Leak: There was a gas leak in your house and those Sims who didn’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning, died when the house blew up. Kill off all your sims, and delete the house, leaving only the tombstones. (Don’t bulldoze, it will delete the tombstones.) These tombstones can never be deleted, and the ghosts may never be released into the nether. If a spare has moved out, they must move back onto the lot. If there is no spare, then the next YA spare to move out in the world, must move on to this lot.